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Be The Solution To Your Client's Paint Points. Your Brand Should Be Receiving Enquiries From Your SEO Efforts. Not Just Traffic

PK SEO was not officially established as a service offering in 2014 but has been in the SEO industry since 2000 specialising in affiliate sites until we commenced on providing client SEO. Not far from the internet's inception when you could simply add a handful of links and be ranking within the week. Those days are long gone and SEO has evolved into a science.

It now takes time to rank websites on page 1 of Google. Having stated the obvious, this is not to be viewed as a negative but rather a positive because it makes it easier for legitimate businesses to rank.

PK SEO has much to offer with over two decades of SEO experience and we understand that a phone not ringing sounds the death knell of any business and must change for its survival online. PK SEO sympathises with any business that is not seeing traffic and no sales. We understand what it takes to establish your brand in the organics by solving client problems that are searching for your services. A phone not ringing from online traffic is a common problem inflicted by SEO agencies. This usually comes with big promises associated with very cheap SEO quotes for business. Do not fall for cheap SEO packages with the promise of delivery in large scale traffic. All that will be delivered is an empty bank balance and disappointment.


Through the strategic application of SEO techniques and a meticulous study of client services, I can effectively target the right audience, transforming your casual web visitors into enthusiastic enquirers and buyers. By delving into your customer base, valuable insights are gained into your customer needs and pain points.

Armed with this knowledge, I go to work crafting tailored solutions that directly address these concerns, positioning your service as the problem solver of choice.

This approach not only drives more enquiries but fosters a deeper connection between your business and its customers, nurturing long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

Are you been looking to find out how to increase traffic to your website for more enquiries and sales ? PK SEO  are a Sydney SEO Consulting specialist that can help with website ranking and deliver page 1 results in practically every competitive industry known on the internet. We identify your customer paint points and build on answering those concerns.

If you have been trying to increase traffic to your website, achieving more sales organically is not hard but it does take time to navigate the many avenues you need to build on with SEO so that you can increase sales from your website.

We provide SEO packages for small businesses that get results as local SEO or broad results delivery. Affordable SEO services in Sydney that deliver even on competitive levels.

Answer Your Customer Pain Points And You Win

If you really want to finally see page one and you haven't seen page one of Google dealing with SEO agencies in Sydney who treat your business like a number, then start dealing with a dedicated SEO specialist. We understand that customers have a problem and that your business is the solution. Tap into this playing field, and you win not just traffic, but traffic that converts because your business has answered the problem.

Highly experienced SEO specialists don't work for SEO agencies in Sydney. They are freelance SEO specialists and your business has much to gain from a dedicated Sydney SEO consultant working one on one.

With nearly twenty years in SEO, our SEO updates are strictly adhered to at all times.

Most website traffic these days primarily comes from Google and by joining up with PK SEO in Sydney, you can certainly help increase traffic to your website.

Our SEO methods or techniques are very unique in terms of how these website rankings happen. From on-page SEO that with just some minor adjustments can rocket your rankings on Google and other search engines, to authority link building which tells Google how important your site really is, our SEO services for page 1 ranking just deliver. Social media signals and even social media optimisation these days is also very important

Google Search Engine Optimisation

Google " IS " and will probably remain the largest and most popular search engine in the world for the foreseeable future. They have a serious passion for satisfying their user intent and are always optimising their own search engine through algorithms to continue the process of positive user experience in their indexed sites.

There are about seven updates all year round on average. Did you know that satisfying Google with engaging content will satisfy your rankings ? Content is still King and will remain so. Engaging content that keeps your readers glued to your website, reaps high rewards with Google. Optimising your website for Google then should be of paramount importance.

Digital Marketing Expert Sydney

Google traffic can make a business overnight and when you deal with one of the top digital marketing experts in Sydney, we will get you to page one of Google and increase your website rankings.

When you deal with a Sydney SEO expert and not a digital marketing agency, your SEO and link building practices which pass authority to your site are safe. Why? because we control it and nothing is software generated. When you are looking for SEO, It should comfort you knowing that we control 100 percent of all link building which in turn increases your visits to your site. This is website traffic that works for a very long time. Sometimes it's not the cheapest, but dealing with a local SEO specialist will yield massive results in rankings in your local area and is worth every dollar invested.

Affordable SEO In Australia

SEO Services SydneyPK SEO is not a digital marketing firm or agency but an independent SEO Service in Sydney delivering SEO packages for business that provide the best possible ROI and is dedicated to your business. We provide B2B SEO  one on one. One of the best professional digital marketing consultants money can buy in Australia.

We really are one of the top Sydney SEO  out there and provide SEO for varied industries from small business to all the way to big business or corporate industry anywhere in Australia and even global. We have vast experience in Google SEO and algorithm updates and know what it takes to rank your website on page one of Google

We are suited for very competitive niches and commercial business. If you are looking to optimise a site for search engine optimisation or get a website on page 1 of Google, you have found what you are looking for when it comes to an SEO Service specialist with nearly 20 years in knowledge on how to optimise your website

We are constantly in touch with the most elite specialists in the world and are always aware of the shifting Google algorithm. We know EXACTLY what Google is looking for post Panda and Penguin updates. We don’t try to handle thousands of customers at one time and treat everybody like a number. Everybody gets the same service in organic search engine optimisation.

Everything is done right from the very beginning in your site optimisation requirements. I myself have been involved in search engine optimisation since 2000. Although this wasn’t a business from that era, our SEO skills were primarily used for gaining first-page placement for our own websites. We now offer affordable SEO to the public. So if you would like to see a boost in your rankings with some off-page SEO or on-page, deal with the top SEO service today

Need Better Search Engine Rankings For More Sales ?

  • As a local SEO service in Sydney, We Achieve Results From a Few Weeks To as Little As 3-4 months From Commencement
  • We specialise in WordPress SEO With The Latest On Page SEO
  • We Can Help Check To See For Domain Penalties
  • Corporate SEO Experts
  • Over 18 Years SEO Professional Experience For All Business Types
  • Affiliate SEO Experience Strong Points
  • Budgets From $1600.00 Dollars PM….And They Work Well
  • Very Flexible And Adaptive To Customer Requirements
  • Contactable Directly 7 Days Per Week
  • No Minimum Contract Required
  • Web Site Creation Available For Any Niche
  • Up To Date With Current Google Algorithms
  • We Only Deal With Serious SEO Experts
  • No Spamming. No software Driven SEO. Only Hand Done SEO
  • Not an SEO Company in Sydney but your own dedicated Sydney SEO Specialist In Sydney
  • Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business

Is Non Organic Advertising SEO ?

SEONon-organic advertising is not SEO. Before you read any further, let me ask you something.

Are you here because you believe you need a PPC marketing company for your small business to be on page 1 ?

Have you been brainwashed into believing that PPC Professionals is who you need for your search engine optimisation ?

Well, to put it simply, PPC or non organic advertising is not search engine optimisation, it is paid online advertising. Although PPC works well when properly structured to a website ( and it takes a lot of work ) it is not and never will be organic SEO. It does have it's own SEO but is not organic SEO

PPC in many cases with PPC companies often fails primarily because PPC is sold as affordable advertising when it really is not the case. Cheap PPC Services do not invest the time into serious research and structuring a PPC account to work well basically because the funds purely are not really available so the return on ROI is poor. However, when structured correctly and clients investing the necessary funds into PPC, it can have great ROI.

Competitive niches require very expensive budgets to be successful and if your business is in that arena of advertising and you have limited budgets with PPC advertising, this could explain why your ROI on PPC may not be working

Affordable SEO Packages For Local Small Business or Corporate SEO Needs

SEO Services Ranking ourselves as one of the top ten SEO companies in Australia for our targeted keywords isn’t easy but if we can pull that off in our niche, then there is a lot we can do for you, especially if you are looking for the top SEO in or corporate SEO experts.

Improving website rankings on search engines today is not easy and most businesses turn to Adwords companies or paid advertising to achieve desired results instead of real Internet Professionals and in most cases produces poor results.

Thinking of using an Adwords company ? Save your money and get away from SEO Specialists who claim that search engine optimisation is Adwords and position one means paying for It.

SEO is really only off page link building and website tuning for those who are not familiar with the industry. Yes, that’s right, get on page 1 organically by dealing with real online marketing services in the know About Google. AI is also going to be a huge contributor to SEO and many SEO specialists will be incorporating it as part of their software tool arsenal for SEO. All for pleasing Google and the user experience. While you are here, you may want to check our review on AI generated content.

SEO services in Sydney today are very competitive. Most web marketing agencies will try to sell many bells and whistles with their link building packages.

All we do is provide affordable link building packages that are maintainable for low budgets for small business that can’t afford Adwords, and would rather invest in small cheap link building packages over the long term for local or nationwide SEO

Do We Provide Local SEO For Small Business ?

Yes we do. We provide regional based,  Sydney SEO and nationwide digital marketing. So how do you get better website ranking results using online marketing services ? By dealing with Professional SEO or Internet consultants that understand a lot about website optimization or online marketing.

Most website marketing agencies or companies employ staff to do this which usually provides poor to average results in terms of effective website positioning on Google or other search engines. This is what forces small business owners to take up expensive Adwords advertising.

Real SEO consulting service always providing SEO  directly to clients themselves with Internet marketing that provide results for the long haul to get your website to page 1 and keep you there regardless of your niche in the organics

Companies or Agencies in Sydney are a dime a dozen that provide affordable link building or search engine optimization that just provides no real results. So deal with online marketing consultants instead. This is low cost SEO that works because we know what is needed to rank.

PK SEO Services is basically a professional in off page Internet marketing Services. Being the best web expert rankings service in Sydney is just the beginning. We provide services for Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or basically for any company in Australia. We also have affordable packages many types of business. For Campbelltown residents we are conveniently located in the Macarthur regions of Campbelltown and provide local Macarthur Digital marketing services

We get you to the top and if you stay with us, you will always stay on top . We are not so much a major SEO company but rather dedicated SEO. If you are in Campbelltown, call us today.

We only provide top Search Engine Optimization services that achieve the best online marketing results in this industry. There are many web agencies out there and we are a little different to the rest. I have been involved with Google rankings since 2003 and am willing to assist you with your organic search engine optimisation needs.

We don’t deal with the every day market in tuning business websites in commercial industry but rather with affiliate marketing experience behind us. The toughest industry to compete in. We only deal with the best experts that know every nook and cranny of Google.

Affiliate marketing Search engine optimization is the most aggressive form of website optimization you can get. And when you deal with PK, you are definitely in with the best in Google positioning

We often look at some local Sydney companies and the SEO they provide and when we check where exactly they rank with Google, we often find that although some may be at the top of Google, it is only because they are ranked a little bit better than the poorly optimised sites beneath them.

This basically means that if you were to suddenly improve your on page factors and off page, you would have a sudden jump towards the first page provided your site wasn’t penalised from Google Panda Or Penguin. Sites that have been penalised by Panda and Penguin are extremely difficult to recover if at all regardless of what online marketing web promotion tactics you may carry out.


Major Google Algorithm Updates

As of 2012, Google unleashed around the globe what was known as Google Panda and Google Penguin. This was basically a major algorithm shift which when applied to the web, any website that no longer complied with the new algorithm shift came crashing down and they came crashing down in the millions. Think of It as kind of an earthquake. If your website didn’t have a solid foundation, it came crashing down. After all, there are many factors that determine high google rankings on a website these days and if your provider is using old Google white hat or black hat techniques, your business website is likely doomed.

Deal with the Sydney SEO specialists and be up to date with Google. When it comes to organic search engine optimisation, the off-page tuning plays a critical role in your rankings. You can have a well optomised site on page but if you don’t have enough off-page investment your site will not do as well as expected. Linking is seen by Google as a vote to your website.

The old Google algorithm required anchor text links with your chosen keywords pointing to your site in order for your site to rank high on Google. These days, it has changed.

No longer does it mean that you have to have thousands of links to rank well but rather quality links to rank well. No longer can you use your chosen keywords alone for ranking.

This can have you heavily penalised. This today is the wrong way to carry out online marketing techniques. SEO or link building for small and large scale business now takes time and investment Commercial seo experts Australia

How you structure your site does play a role and keyword placement is critical. Social media also plays a critical role. How your website is viewed by the general public as far as bounce rate is concerned is vital to your small business.

Load times, content, on page links and structure are some of the most vital elements to your site. We can examine your site and tell where it could do with some improvement and once implemented correctly, you should see some improvements in website rankings.

So What Industries Do We Provide SEO For ?