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What Are Guest Post Services ? Are They Worth The Money And Do You Need Them ?

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Been contemplating on a guest post outreach from an SEO service for improving rankings through quality link building ? Does link Building still work ? Been hearing everywhere in the online marketing arena that you need a high-quality guest post service to get ahead of the competition? Your local guest post market place can be a daunting place when you don't know what a good guest post blogging service looks like. Anyone can submit a guest post, you just need to identify what a high-quality guest post service looks like before you spend your hard-earned money. The right Guest post back links, however, can have a tremendous positive impact on rankings

Having been in the SEO Services industry for 20 years now, I have seen a lot when it comes to the ever-changing algorithms and the digital marketing sphere and I am not ashamed to say it that not even I know everything about the web. Nobody does. Internet marketing is forever changing and new algorithms are for ever-evolving to adapt to the user experience and we are in essence constantly learning and evolving ourselves.

Google always likes to throw algorithm changes at SEO'S. Kind of like throwing a spanner in the works to mess things up cause quite frankly, Google really doesn't like SEO'S. They like Adwords where they can make money instead.

So What Is A Guest Post ?

Guest posts are compelling and related articles that are written for blogs or website owners where a writer can write engaging articles and have them posted on related blogs or websites in return for a link to the blog writers website. Paid or unpaid ( Mostly Paid )

How Do Guest Posts Help In Rankings ?

Guest posts assist in rankings with linked up websites by passing a decent DA and TF link juice to a money site or client site. Guest blogs, normally and usually are live websites with their own levels of traffic which may also filter through to the client website. So increases in traffic are possible and in many cases is usually the outcome..

If the Guest post is posted on a healthy DA and TF website, considerable gains can be achieved in rankings when the two sites are related and the blog that contains the link has a high DA and TF with it. The more related to each other the better. For instance, this site could link to any other topically related site like web developers that provide services from online free image editors to html development and site development and other related digital marketing services.

Do You Only Need High DA Guest Post Sites To Rank ?

Let it be known, a high DA site with poor TF for example, 30DA with 0TF will not be as beneficial as a site with a similar DA but higher TF, especially if the majority of links are the same style of DA and TF. It will take a considerable effort to boost rankings this way.

It is recommended that a guest post link should have a good TF ( Trust flow ) to pass on any powerful link juice to a money site for improved rankings. It's not to say that you won't rank, but it will take many of these links to rank over time.

What Do Guest Posts Cost ?

On average most guest posts start from about 100 US. Both these guest posts cost over 200 US dollars, Not Aus Dollars but US dollars. Some of these links cost in excess of over a  1000 dollars and up to 5K plus per link  US every month for some of the most serious niches on the web. Why SEO can cost big money in some industries on the web

Although the posts look OK, they are not on par with the delivery of quality when it concerns TF and CF. These guest posts are actually overpriced total rubbish regardless of the DA.

Even at 200 US dollars, you would be better off buying an aged domain with good TF and CF, build a related blog on it, launch it and see a rise in your rankings. All for the cost of 50-100 and save yourself 100 dollars in the process.

It would take a healthy number of links with a TF of 0 and a DA of say an average 20-30 to rank a site over a long period of time. Gains would be far more superior if links could be sourced from say PBN'S with a 30TF and equivalent CF and a much lower DA.

I've seen this time and again over and over. If you are going to invest in link building, make it worth your dollars and time because nobody wants to take two years to rank from poor quality links.

If you don't want to do it this way and you have plenty of time in your schedule to allow for slow growth, then focus on structuring your link building by not paying for links. The only problem is, most clients don't have 5 years to rank.

These blogs may be posted on sites that are receiving traffic but from a quality strong link juice point of view, they will be inferior quality. These blogs were provided by a Uk blog provider which is quite well known for selling guest posting services among other digital marketing services.

They display their DA quality but not the TF quality which as you can see for yourselves in the above Majestic image, is very poor indeed. When applying for guest post services, you should always endeavor to gauge the TF factors of the site you will be placing links on, whether you are buying or writing the blog yourself and submitting it to the blog owner.

Does Google Look Down On Guest Posting ?

So does Google frown upon link building and guest posts ? You bet it does if you are paying for it or if you are building links for rankings purposes. Any good SEO strategy with organic SEO will always encompass link building as link building is still a very prominent player in rankings.

As long as it is done with good intentions for improving the user experience and not rankings, your site will remain off Google's radar and naturally build over much time, however, depends on you.

This also depends on if you are using GA...GA is free for a reason. It's not for you, it's for Google. If you were being charged for GA you would be comparing prices to other third parties and therefore Google would not have access to your site to scrutinise if link building is being manipulated for rankings purposes. That's right, GA is for Google, not the end-user.


If you have been penalised more than once with your website or websites and are wondering how Google catches on, ask yourself, are you using GA or GC ? There lies your answer on how to eradicate manual penalties.

How to recognise A Quality Guest Post service

The best way to recognise if a guest post service is providing somewhat of half-decent quality guest post service is if they disclose everything about the site metrics that you are looking to purchase.

Please don't expect them to disclose the domain but they should be able to disclose the necessary important elements of the guest post you are paying for.

What to look for in Guest post services.

Only DA Displayed. No TF Or CF Traffic stats or the industry the blog is in

Take a look at the image to the left here. The image to the left displays absolutely nothing but DA values. No TF no CF and no traffic stats. Just their claims that you will receive quality placements. These prices are in BP and you won't receive what you are really paying for in terms of TF values if they are not displayed.

Most customers who know absolutely nothing about SEO would have no clue what they are doing here but having said that, even the novice would be under the impression they are receiving quality blog posts for a respectable sum invested purely based on High DA...This is not true

The image below here is from another guest posting service that displays clearly what you are paying for when you are looking for quality guest post placements.

You can clearly see the TF the CF the DA, PA Traffic stats, RD and what niche blog your link will be coming from. Also take note, if you can obtain links from home pages on these guest posts, an even bigger bonus for more powerful rankings. Having said this, in many cases it's not usually the end result.

Good Quality Guest Post service

Should I Use Guest Posts Or PBN'S ?

Ok, this is a difficult question to answer. This all depends on what your preferences are when it comes to rankings. Do you have a lot of time to rank ? If you do, then may I suggest you build links for the purposes of improving the user experience.

If you don't have time, like the majority of business owners on the web, then guest posts or PBN'S will be part and parcel of your link building efforts. Regardless of who your SEO provider might be. If you are getting Guest posts from your SEO provider, believe it or not, you would be receiving decent SEO for the cost.

There is nothing to say that you have to have poor quality links from sources like this.

In many instances, some guest posts and even PBN'S are written to exceptional level knowledge and presentation where the average reader would be none the wiser as to what they are really reading over. Still, it looks like perfect white hat SEO delivery and even Google would be impressed.

Although it would deliver on the reader's expectations, which would suggest this is a high-quality guest post or PBN, at the end of the day, they are actually reading a guest post or PBN anyway. what needs to be understood and accepted by business owners is that links are necessary and a must-have for rankings purposes regardless of how white hat you may make it appear.

You weigh up the Pros and Cons on where those links come from, what the quality of those link sources are, the ranking power it passes on and what Google is going to establish in their own decision findings should they come across the links.

Having said this, links will always be necessary and most businesses are always utilising guest post services and even PBN's for rankings amongst other SEO avenues as well

These are still today powerful measures for ranking and can be quite expensive as they are constantly in demand by even some of the most competitive niches out there.

If done right, they can deliver incredible ranking power while also delivering on the user experience which makes it incredibly difficult even for Google to establish what is paid, what is natural or what is white hat. At the end of the day when it comes to white hat, there is nothing white hat when links are manipulated for rankings. regardless of how natural it may look.

Sincerely hope you guys enjoyed this post and should you have any questions about guest posting or need guest posting services, please don't hesitate to contact our SEO services on 0418118998 and talk to us on how we can improve your SEO efforts.

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