How To Hire The Right SEO Consultant

Are You Looking To Hire an SEO Consultant For Your Business ?

Business SEO strategyIf you've been looking to hire an SEO consultant in Sydney or anywhere in Australia for that fact, there are a couple of points to take in, but before I even get to that element of needing to hire an SEO Specialist, lets talk about " YOUR " business a little before you look at hiring an SEO in Sydney. Let's see where you stand in today's crazy climate of search engines and social media, because quite frankly, if you are not a participant of these two elements of current business exposure, your business is very well doomed if you are not already making money.

Being able to find an SEO consultant that can get more website traffic to your site  is going going to be the most important aspect of your business surviving in today's business market and if you don't have a site, you'd better get one.

Old World Business Advertising

Before search engines made their presence felt, the only form of advertising was really radio, television, paperback ( yellow pages, news papers, local flyers ) and some billboards. Anywhere you could paste your name you could have it, but none compares to the hoards of traffic that can follow just from someone typing in keywords into google and finding your business online as well as exposing your business to a global audience once you are on page one of of Google

How Is My Business Viewed Today And In The Past ?

When it comes to owning a business and having been in business nearly two decades now, whether your business is brick and mortar or not, there would be really two primary avenues your business would have recurring turnover.

What Are These Two Avenues Of Recurring Turnover ?

1 : Very well established business pre Google and search engine days with existing client base

2: Currently doing well on search engines and loads of online exposure with increasing client base from 24 hour exposure

How Do I Get My Business Off The Ground If I'm Not Doing Well ?

Well, the truth to the whole matter of a business surviving in today's economic climate ( especially if your business has just commenced ) is that if your business model is not indexed on search engines out there, your business is very well doomed.

Sorry but that is the sad fact today. You must learn to accept that Googles search is very much you actual yellow pages and if you don't at least hire an SEO consultant or specialist to get your name out there, then you really need to accept the fact your enterprise is not in fact flowing with today's online market and that it could cost your business dearly

If you want your business to have half a chance of succeeding " TODAY ", especially if it is newly established, you need online exposure and online exposure basically means you need website development which also means you need SEO and SEO means being able to hire an SEO consultant that clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to increasing website traffic to get your phone ringing....Phew, almost ran out of breath on that one.

Put simply, if you don't have a business website or are not looking to hire and SEO specialist and website development specialists to get your business on Google and other search engines, your business will be in trouble

What Happens If I don't Get My Business Online ?

Well, think about it, How many people are online these days that search for services or products ? I would dare say probably 80 percent plus of all customers today probably search online for services or products

Some points alone are :

1 : Your business will never receive the exposure it needs

2 : Getting your business off the the ground and established will be far more difficult

3 : You will be missing on hoards of traffic and potential business growth

4 : OId fashioned methods of pre search engine advertising ( paper back, newspapers which are now also going online ) are diminishing

5: Even for Pre search engine established businesses, if you don't get your business online, all you have is your existing client base and your business will never establish new clients if your business is not online and if you lose your existing clients, your business is only doomed to fail as you business has no online exposure

6 : Lack of customers which are now mostly online leads to business failure

7 : You will never establish you business brand

What Can I Expect From Getting My Business Online ?

There are huge benefits to having a business online these days. If you have a business, you need a website for that business. Kind of like a car needing an engine to operate. No engine, useless car. Quite simple

For any business to survive, it must be online on search engines and primarily the Google search engine. Google provides probably 80 plus percent of today's search engine traffic and there is A LOT of traffic coming from Google.

It is " THE " dominant search engine out of all search engines and if your business can tap into this search engine effectively with a website and good search engine optimisation by hiring an SEO consultant that knows what he's doing, your phone will ring non stop.

The two key prime client traffic and exposure elements today are Search engines and social media but Google still leads the way in search traffic. Many SEO companies have attempted to market social media companies like FB or other social media as sales funnels and although this does sometimes work. It is not really the fundamentals of search or when a client is searching to buy a service or product. Everyone heads over to Google.

So, What Benefits Can I get From Owning My Own Website ?

1: Your business will finally have it's own online digital shopfront

2 : Your business will be visible around the globe 24/7

3 : Your target audience increases exponentially through being visible online

4 : Works great for global services

5 : Allows your customers to have access to your business anytime or from anywhere

6 : Your website will work as a marketing tool or online resume really which will sell your services or products 24/7 around the world

7 : Establishing your brand around the world and not just locally and getting you the exposure you need.

8 : Improving your overall business and activity

These are just some key points of how having a website can benefit your business and establish your brand for years to come.

I've Got My Website, What Now ?

So you've built your website and got your business online and your phone is not ringing and you're asking yourself...." what am i doing wrong, why is my phone not ringing "....It's quite simple, your site needs to be optimised.

Basically what that means is that if your site is not optimised 100%, Google does not really know where to place your site because it clearly does not understand to some degree what your site is really targeting. Search engine optimisation is important. as it helps optimise a website for page one of Google and other search engines

You really need two things, a website and SEO. Get these two hand in hand, and your business gets all the exposure you can handle from  search engines. This is basally the way to increase traffic to a website.

What Is SEO And How Does It Work ?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. All it really is to put it simply is tuning your website for targeted keywords so that your site appears for the services or products you are selling either online or as services online. If you can't do this, then you need to hire an SEO consultant or just find an SEO specialist more so that has a clear cut understanding of how to rank a website on page one of google and other search engines.

There are two key factors of SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. When these two are in harmony, being able to rank a website on page one of Google is simple. The task of optimising however, is just not simple. If you are not familiar with accomplishing this task on your own, and lets face facts here, no business owner usually is, then you will need to find an SEO consultant that knows a lot about Google and search engine optimisation.

How Do I Find An SEO Consultant ?

Looking to find an SEO Specialist is not that difficult. Again, where will you head to find an SEO specialist ? Google of course ! That is just a typical example of looking for SEO .

You will go to google. It is what everybody does these days when looking for anything.

SEO consultants are very much in the know about search engine optimisation and being able to find an SEO consultant that knows what he's doing can be tricky. Most SEO specialists are heavily involved in their craft of optimising websites and a good one can get you great search engine results.

What Are The Benefits When I Hire an SEO Consultant ?

1 : Your SEO Specialist should be available 24/7

2 : You will work one on one with an SEO consultant as opposed to hiring an SEO company.

3 : SEO consultants are always involved with ever changing algorithms and heavily involved in being constantly up to date with internet marketing

4 : Are very good at ranking websites in very tough niches

5 : Are heavily engaged in most search engine and social media exposure

6 : Far more cost effective than PPC advertising through SEO companies. In fact PPC advertising can cost in some competitive niches in excess of 10K per month.

7 : Better quality SEO than hiring an SEO agency.

8 : Your own Dedicated SEO specialist and not an SEO agency representative

9 : Hiring the top SEO consultants don't lock you into contracts as SEO agencies do

10 : Being treated like a human being and not a number

How Do I Find a Good SEO Consultant ?

When you look to find an SEO consultant, the first most important question you should ever ask him or her is..." Do you have a lock in contract " ....If they answer yes to this, you realistically should be searching in another direction.

Why You Should Not Engage Lock In Contract SEO Specialists

1: SEO specialists that try to lock you into a contract in my opinion are not honest and will not endeavor well enough to get your business ranking on google, and there is nothing worse than two parties being legally bound to each other when one is not doing their jobs and both want to go in their own direction.

2 : In most cases, it is usually the SEO specialist who fails in this department. This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask an SEO consultant before anything.

How Long Before I See Results In Google ?

The next basic principle as we all know is rankings results and in what period of time should you see rankings and let me tell you, when it comes to organic rankings, it's not like the meme posted above states.

Most good SEO specialists should provide results with some keywords within three months depending on the niche, budgets being paid and other factors of course which also play a role.

Some niches can take six months plus but generally speaking, most page one of Google results are usually achieved for some keywords within three months.

The Top Google SEO Consultants

Basically a top Google SEO consultant should not lock you into a contract and should provide some results given your niche and your budget in approximately three months .

Having said this, as stated earlier, competitive niches can take longer so this is only to be expected. In many cases SEO companies don't offer timely resuklts when it comes to SEO and if this has been the case for you, then it is time find an SEO specialist that can change that for you and there are a few good ones out there.

I hope this post has been of some enlightenment on why your business needs a website and why that website needs SEO and how you should be hiring your own SEO consultant to get your brand out on the web, and establish it online for many years to come.

Here at PK, we have been SEO specialists for nearly twenty years and are still in the SEO Game and will continue to be for a very long time as we are constantly involved in our craft.

We are always involved with the best SEO specialists when it comes to keeping in tune with ever changing algorithms. If you are looking to find an SEO specialist, or hire an SEO consultant in Sydney which is where our office is located, give me a call and let me make things happen for you on the web. Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Sydney SEO Services or call us on 0418118998


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