How Google Is Changing its Algorithms in 2021

Simple Steps To Follow For The 2021 Google Algorithm Change

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How Google Changes Its AlgorithmRemember the last time you searched for some cute cat videos on Google? You got thousands of related results. But have you ever stopped to think how Google delivered the search results to you? This is where the Google algorithms go to work. Google algorithms are highly intricate, and are constantly being enhanced and improved to improve the quality of Google’s search engine results.

Google uses its complex algorithms to read, evaluate and index every web page out there. It assigns a numerical value to every piece of content. Websites that rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages) are deemed the most relevant and authoritative by Google algorithms, at least in terms of their topic or subject. With some SEO to encourage the algorithms, websites can reach the top of search results.

Alterations in Google algorithms

Google is constantly changing its algorithms with tweaks and core updates. Sometimes, the adjustments are minor, but other times Google implements significant changes. Google updates can cause anxiety for content writers, bloggers and online marketers as these algorithmic updates can tremendously impact website ranking.

2020 saw some sweeping changes in the Google algorithm, which affected page rankings. Google always announces major updates well ahead of time so that webmasters can prepare their websites in advance.

Unfurling New Algorithms in 2021:

Passage-based Ranking

In February 2021, Google introduced a brand new algorithm, known as passage-based ranking. Announced back in October 2020, this one is dedicated to English-language queries made in the US.

Product Reviews

In April 2021, Google began rewarding product reviews that offer genuine and in-depth content rather than the ones which have baseless, thin content.

Google’s Core Update 2021

Google began rolling out its latest Core Update on June 2. This update focuses on seven major factors:

  1.     Website security
  2.     Mobile-friendliness
  3.     SSL/HTTPS protocol
  4.     Webpage interaction with visitors
  5.     Prevention of interstitials
  6.     The loading speed of the website
  7.     A stable website

Exploitative Removal Practices

Google has also been working to penalise websites that use "exploitative removal practices" or "predatory practices." A link has been provided where victims can report instances of online harassment.

Page Experience

The page-experience update has also been rolled out with the June algorithm update. In this instance, Google mitigated instances of drastic drops or spikes for websites.

Google Page Experience

Google will begin evaluating a website based on five signals that define the user experience. Depending on these signals, a website will be assigned a page experience score. If you are a site owner, you can easily check your page experience score in the Search Console. Following are the different signals considered by the Google Page Experience algorithm:

  1.     Security issues
  2.     Core web vitals
  3.     HTTPS usage
  4.     Mobile usability
  5.     Ad experience

Tackling Spam

In the month of June, another internal algorithm update tackling spam was done.

In the month of July, Google also came up with yet another update. This time the alteration is about nullifying link spam. If any website gets involved in link spam tactics, then it will face consequences.

How to keep up with ever-evolving Google algorithms?

Follow SEO experts: Follow your favourite SEO expert and stay updated about these highly dynamic Google algorithms. SEO gurus across the world closely follow these updates and share their ideas, opinions and advice regarding the same on their websites and blogs. If you happen to be in Sydney, talk to PK SEO Services or if you are in Melbourne you can talk to our Melbourne SEO Expert

 Investigate whether or not the update is credible: Don't be fooled by the rumours and confirm the authenticity of the update before you proceed to make any changes to your website.

Don’t go into a frenzy with all the alterations at one go: Be patient while introducing changes to your SEO strategy based on evolving Google algorithms. An SEO Service like PK SEO with years of experience in internet marketing would be more than well aware of this. We are a Sydney SEO Service that knows our stuff when it comes to tuning websites

Keep track of your website's SEO data: As soon as an update rolls out, don't jump out to make the changes. Rather, wait for a while, keep track of how your website is reacting to the changes and then make the necessary amendments.

Emphasise the end goal: While trying to accommodate your website as per the latest algorithms, always keep in mind the end goal – offering the most relevant and valuable content to your audience in a fast and secure manner. Adhere to the basics, and the rest will follow suit.

Google My Business

If you want your business to be visible to your target audience, then Google My Business can easily offer you that. In order to match up with the evolving algorithms, make sure you use multiple well-defined photographs, request customers to share a review, mention the address clearly, and so on. A powerful tool and catalyst to boost ROI, Google My Business can work wonders for you if backed up by the right SEO strategies for the algorithms. If you need more info or are looking for a local  SEO service, call us on 0418118998

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