Jasper AI Review – Is This The Best AI For Content Creation ?

Jasper ®AI Content Creation: The Game-Changing Tool For Your Business
– Our Review

PK SEO DirectorHi there and welcome to my review on Jasper AI. I have been looking to do a review on some of the best AI for content creation and so far after having sampled Jasper, I thought it would help if I educated others in using AI for their own businesses and Jasper AI is one worth writing an AI content creation review about.

I of course today use AI for content creation myself and wondered how I did without it for so long. Of course, like any software, AI  generated content is not perfect but more than makes up for it with its other resourceful time-saving features.

I am hoping if you actually read this to the end that I will have helped better in your understanding of Artificial intelligence and how AI generated content can massively boost business productivity. So please, read on and enjoy.

Jasper AI ReviewI have been in the SEO business now for over twenty years providing SEO services to all manner of businesses and from Google’s inception back in 1998 with founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, I have seen it all in how far Google has progressed.

From its early beginnings of creating a search engine that was clean as opposed to Yahoo and Alta Vista which were crammed with ads, Google with its clean lines fast took the lead and has stayed there ever since.

In fact, it is an overload of how much Google has changed from keyword search to semantic search to voice search and now AI.

AI is taking over the web and it is only the beginning. Everything is fast going towards AI.

I personally believe it is the single most life-changing event for everything online and if you are wondering about AI content creation for business, you will have to come on board sooner or later.

You will obviously at some stage in your business have to make not just the decision to employ AI, but the decision on what is the best AI for content creation for your business. In my books, I use AI more so for content creation and cold emails and I have not looked back. Enter your prompt or script, and the page is written in seconds. Not days or weeks..

Is This The Best AI For Content Creation?

Is Jasper AI the best AI for content creation? Everybody has their own cup of tea but Jasper AI may be something right up your alley considering its features and simplicity of use. The only way to be certain is to try the software for free for 7 days and make an informed decision.

How times have changed that you can now generate content with AI on the fly in minutes by just entering simple-to-follow directions or prompts.

The web evolves every day and every day we either have to adjust or we disappear into the history books.

Whether we like it or not, AI content writing tools, for now, is the way, and like the emergence of the internet back in the 90’s, AI is definitely here to stay if you are looking to generate content for blogs, websites, social media, or any type of content generation or cold emailing. No more wasting time or large expense outlay on writers.

AI content generators right now are a HUGE saving in time and over-the-top costs in article writing.  This Jasper AI review is something you may like to take a look at if you require AI for any type of content generation or if you are looking for AI software that is cost-effective.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses are constantly on the lookout for innovative tools and technologies that can help them generate content and stay ahead of the competition.

With the cutting-edge technology of Jasper® AI, I personally believe you will find it an eye opener at what it has to offer your business and if it is in fact, the right tool for your business.

Jasper® AI is one of the systems online today really applying what it has to offer and we thought we would do our own personal review on Jasper® AI technologies for our readers. You can even go direct to their trial page on their home site if you wish.

As an SEO specialist myself, the most challenging hurdle for me is not SEO but finding engaging content that satisfies the needs of the user and improves the UX with every page built. We have also written a Copy AI Review as well as this is also in demand.

Check Out Jasper® AI In  Action For Yourself

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Does AI Saves On Writing Costs?

You ” BET ” it does, and by large margins as well. Even when you do find content through article writing services, nine times out of ten, engaging content for readers can cost a bomb. In excess of 200 dollars an article and that does not always get you the word count you need and the article is not even SEO structured for ranking purposes.

Having provided SEO services for over twenty years now as of writing this AI review, it is a sight for sore eyes to see software come along that does not cost the earth and can generate content that answers questions, and, can also follow instructions on what is required, and also ” MUCH ” cheaper than article writers.

As an SEO, gone are the days of waiting for writers for up to two weeks for an article. Open your AI tool, give it the instruction, or choose from what is required to be carried out and it is done within minutes.

What Are Some Of The Benefits For Me So Far Using AI As An SEO Specialist?

  1. Saving time on marketing tasks is a big bonus, especially with social media campaigns and other forms of ad content that have to be written. It is remarkable how AI saves time.
  2. The second complication is thinking of SEO-structured content also known as writer’s block. When writer’s block hits, it can consume copious amounts if time just trying to structure fresh content. using AI, put your keywords in, apply any instructions required, and hit the go button and within seconds, you have created fresh and professionally written content
  3. Eliminating the copywriter is one of the biggest benefits of AI software. Before you had to wait days to receive an article or fresh written content by a copywriter and 9 times out of 10, it would never be written the way it needed to be. Then you would lose another couple days for amendments.
  4. Another huge benefit is that AI can improve existing content. You can make existing content more compelling to read.
  5. Also, by providing the necessary instructions with AI, you can improve conversion rates with new content or existing content.
  6. Personally, I have already posted some posts on our own blog using AI. Every new page that is written is professional and to the letter of what is required to send home the message to our target audience.

 Try Jasper® AI For 7 Days Here Now

Jasper® AI is one such AI content creation solution that has gained traction in the market. The way businesses approach content development, marketing, and customer engagement will be revolutionised by this ground-breaking AI platform.

Jasper® AI is rapidly revolutionising companies of all sizes with features like powerful analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities.

In this Jasper review, we’ll examine this effective content creation tool in more detail and consider how it might assist organisations in realising their full potential and achieving their objectives. So buckle in and get ready to learn why companies who want to boost their marketing game choose Jasper® AI as their content creation tool of choice.

How Does Jasper® AI Work?

This review merely aims to address a few questions regarding the software’s capacity for learning and what it has to offer. Jasper® AI enables companies to produce and share top-notch content and interact with customers more successfully.

In order to analyse data and produce insights that can help businesses improve their marketing strategies and expand on growth, the platform makes use of cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning.

Jasper® AI’s primary goal is to assist businesses in producing productive and plagiarism free engaging content. The platform makes use of natural language processing to examine data and produce insights that can assist companies in producing content that appeals to their target market.

Jasper ®AI also uses machine learning to optimize content distribution and ensure that it reaches the right people at the right time. It is really amazing to see how far technology has brought us when we have software that revolutionises online businesses to next-level status such as this.

What Benefits Does Jasper® AI Have?

There are numerous benefits to using Jasper® AI for your business.

  • One of the most significant benefits is the platform’s ability to help businesses create and distribute high-quality content more efficiently.
  • With Jasper® AI, businesses can save time and resources by automating many of the processes involved in content creation and marketing.
  • Another benefit of using Jasper® AI is the platform’s ability to generate insights that can help businesses optimize their marketing strategies and drive growth.
  • Also, the platform uses advanced analytics to analyze data and generate insights that can help businesses identify trends, optimize content distribution, and improve customer engagement.
  • Plagiarism Free Content Generation

What Are Jasper® AI Features And Capabilities?

Jasper® AI offers a wide range of features and capabilities designed to help businesses create and distribute high-quality content and engage with their customers more effectively. Some of the key features of the platform include:

  1. Natural language processing: Jasper® AI analyses data using natural language processing to produce insights that can assist companies in producing content that appeals to their target audience.
  2. Machine learning: The platform makes use of machine learning to streamline content distribution and ensure that the target market see it at the right time.
  3. Advanced analytics: Jasper®AI analyses data using advanced analytics to produce insights that may be used by organisations to spot patterns, improve content distribution, and increase consumer engagement.
  4. Content creation tools: The platform provides a selection of content creation tools, such as a content editor, an image editor, and a video editor, that can assist organisations in producing high-quality content more quickly.
  5. Some of our own posts have been written with the assistance of AI software and it is simple to use. All we do is add the keywords and our AI goes to work structuring SEO structured content and all within minutes, not days. Our Social media posts and what it can cost for a website are AI generated.
  6. One of the best features of AI software when it comes to curating fresh content is the building of blogs and posting genuine unique content. Some of these blogs can be classed as Web 2 Properties, like Blogger, WordPress.com,Tumblr.com,Jimdo.com,Livejournal.com,Wix.com,Weebly.com,Blogspot.com,Deviantart.com and so many more.

Jasper AI Customer Reviews And Success Stories

Jasper® AI has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Many businesses have reported significant improvements in their marketing strategies and customer engagement after implementing what many deem to be the best AI for content creation.

One customer, a small business owner, reported that Jasper® AI helped them increase website traffic and generate more leads. Another customer, a marketing agency, reported that the platform helped them improve their content creation process and deliver better results for their clients.

I have to say here that I myself also use AI content creation for many of our blog posts as well. It seems to be that you just can not go wrong using highly advanced software like this.

Part of the SEO process that we use is that we generate informative content for our client’s backlinks, AI is a major contributor to post projects that we implement for improving our client’s rankings.

In fact, many of our Sydney SEO services that we provide rely heavily on AI generated content. If you have a marketing business of your own and are either trying to grow your own business online or your clients, this is the software you just can not ignore any longer

How Jasper® AI Can Improve Your Business

 Jasper® AI has various features to assist organisations in enhancing their marketing plans and achieving their objectives. The following are some of the main advantages of using the platform:

Better content creation: Jasper® AI can assist companies in more effectively producing high-quality content that appeals to their target audience.

Better customer engagement: The platform’s advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities can help businesses engage with their customers more effectively and improve customer satisfaction on needs ro individual client requirements.

Optimization of marketing strategies: Jasper® AI can help businesses optimize their marketing strategies by generating insights that can help them identify trends, optimize content distribution, and improve customer engagement.

Jasper® AI vs. Competitors

Today’s internet is absolutely flooded with so many different types of marketing options, but Jasper® AI is a cut above the rest due to its powerful machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced analytics features.

Significant investment has been poured into this software. Software features built like this into AI software open the road for companies to communicate with their consumer base more successfully and produce and distribute high-quality content more quickly. It is why we chose to do a review on Jasper AI content generation. It has so much to offer.

Thinking Of Buying A Subscription With Jasper® In 2023?

Try Jasper® For 7 Days For Those Interested

Does Jasper® Work With All Marketing And Content Creation?

  • The fast answer to that question is pretty much yes. Jasper® assists writers, marketers of all different niches, and trade-related service copy. For anyone who provides website content for website copy to do with trade services or E-Commerce sites, Jasper® will serve you well.
  • The best way to find out if the tool really provides for your needs as a marketer or content writer is to actually try it yourself. You can get a free 7 day trial of the software so go ahead and try Jasper® for free. I would very much love to hear your own thoughts after trying it,
  • In my own personal opinion, Jasper® has a far more significant advantage in generating copy as opposed to using conventional writing methods from natural content creation. If you run or manage the marketing department of any company that is trying to reach a larger target market through effective copywriting for marketing, Jasper® will serve you well.
  • Software that you can assign directions to write copy for you also allows and frees up more time for you to conduct other duties in your time of work. Also as stated before, AI is sweeping the web like nothing else and currently as of writing this review, is the biggest talk on the web.
  • Yes, Google doe not like AI for copywriting but try telling that to companies who stand to save thousands on copywriters and outgoing costs when AI can vastly compensate for so many copywriters.
  • Chat GPT is one of those AI’s that hit the world wide web like a tonne of bricks, but Jasper® is just that bit better for organising their content and templates.
  • Some of the best AI for content creation offer features that allow you to customise specific prompts on how the software delivers results to your needs and structure everything into an uncomplicated interface.
  • Is it worth investing in Jasper® for 2023? Well, from my point of view, I already use Jasper AI for writing content for blogs and my own personal networks. It saves me time to follow through on other work that can now be completed much quicker.
  • Jasper® AI is already way ahead with what it has to offer. Jasper’s® user-friendly interface and powerful content generation capabilities allow for further increased revenue from faster results in workflow.
  • I find it hard-pressed that this software will let down anyone who adopts it. We still have a long way to go with AI content creation and its advancements but looking at Jasper® AI, for now, it is rather advanced for its time already. So if you are asking if Jasper® AI is worth buying in 2023, answered simply it certainly is yes.


So Who Can Use Jasper® AI For Their Business?

The question should really be “who can’t use AI ” because in reality, anyone running marketing campaigns in a business or writing content, and controls email marketing can use AI as a tool for marketing and an effective tool it is, too. Put simply any business that generates revenue in sales through marketing should be using the best AI for content generation out there.

Well For Starters, All Marketers Can Use Jasper® AI

Best AI For Marketing Companies
Best AI For Marketing Companies

Generating SEO’D content is one of AI’s biggest features so marketers would have a huge advantage in using AI to generate content or marketing material of any kind, like email marketing, social media posts, Twitter, Instagram, or other social channels, web creation, blog post, practically anything and the templates are amazing. Just enter your request into the template of your choice, and just watch the results roll out.

This is the ideal tool for sending highly targeted messages that resonates with any target audience. One of the biggest advantages with AI is that it frees up so much time for other marketing duties that need to be completed.


PR Companies Can Use Jasper® AI for All PR Work

AI For Press Release
AI For Press Release

How does compelling writing sound? Excellent, yes? Well, Jasper® can be used for writing highly targeted press releases and very compelling messages for a company’s targeted audience.

Press release companies have been searching for a way to source content for their clients and this is a very appealing avenue for writing unique content when it comes to cutting costs. Equals more revenue for them.

This is a huge advantage for increasing client visibility by giving Google exactly what it wants, user-friendly targeted copy that answers questions and delivers solutions. As usual, this also allows press release companies to free up more time for other tasks to do with marketing, building relationships or structuring future events.

Jasper® AI Provides Some Of The Best Content Creation For Advertising Agencies

Seriously, who stands to benefit most from AI content software ? Advertising agencies. This software was built for advertising agencies. This is one awesome piece of software for writing compelling ads, content, email marketing messages, and advertising agencies stand to gain immensely from this AI software.

The software here can be used for writing catchy or link bait style headlines with copy that is designed to arouse the buying senses and hook that prospect. I mean, it even has a tone detector for Christ sakes, As an advertising marketing professional, you would be astounded at how this software generates content on the fly that is designed to impress the fussiest marketing professional.


Social Media Companies Can Use Jasper® AI

Another marketing avenue that is huge with sales and effective sales copy is social media companies. The idea with social media and one of the biggest components it has to offer is the sharing of ideas.

This happens much quicker in social media rather than waiting for new content to index on Google and climb the rankings. Social media companies exhaust millions in advertising spend and writing content that delivers the right message for closing sales. AI is the perfect tool for media copy. Write short headlines, deliver concise body copy, share your message, and watch the sales funnel in.

How About Web Design And Development Companies?

In my early years of web development and design, it was often the responsibility of the client to provide all content required for the website. 20 years on, most web development companies now provide content ready to go for all their clients with the exception of maybe a few that still do not offer this service, but now that AI has come along, this is no longer of any concern. It is nuts how well this stuff work. I have written so much SEO’D content with AI already and the time it saves me is ridiculous. Add in your business, the instruction of what you want done, and your business message.

How Simple Is It To Use Jasper® For PR ?

  • Enter the necessary information into the software such as the company name. If you have a product or service that you wish to promote, enter that together with any key messaging points to relay.
  • Create a draft press release to get started on your way
  • Think of and add a catchy headline, opening paragraph, and body copy that is specific to your targeted audience.
  • Go over the produced copy, ensure it fits your business model and message to your client base and…WHAMMO !!


Best AI For E-Commerce Businesses.

If you happen to own an E-Commerce business online selling downloadable digital products or buy online tangible products, AI is perfect for writing engaging SEO’D descriptions and product titles that delivers what your clients need from your products while all in all, freeing up your business and better optimising your time.


Some Questions Asked About Jasper® AI

Is Jasper® AI Any Good?

Yes it is, it is definitely very good. I have used Jasper® for writing my blogs to date, adding new pages to websites, and doing my email marketing messages and the amount of time it saves is incredible. It has opened so much more time I can now get far more done in a day than I ever could before. The software has inbuilt optimising features that really elevate your projects to the next level.

Is Jasper® AI Art Worth it?

Yes It most certainly is worth it. Considering what it has to offer and what avenues this AI can be used for, from  email, to blogs, to building entire websites, and to social media posts and more, this is one weapon to have in your arsenal

Can Google Detect Jasper® AI Content?

Yes, it can, Google can certainly detect AI-written content and not just Jasper®. Although Jasper is practically plagiarism free, it is still advisable to at least peruse all written content and adjust accordingly. AI is not yet ready to replace human copywriting just yet.

How Easy Is Jasper® AI To Use ?

This by far has to be one of the easiest AI to use whether you are a seasoned copywriter, marketer or developer. If you follow some of the step-by-step lessons, you will be mastering this software’s best features in no time.

What Does Jasper® AI Offer In Features ?

How do 60 templates to start with sound? This software is packed with features for all styles of consistent high-end quality copywriting that suits any niche and market.

Quality Of Copy Created

This software can write fairly well-written and professional copy. Like all AI though, you should go over the copy produced to ensure that it is correct and delivers the correct information to your users.

Is The Pricing  For Jasper® Worth It?

Well when it comes to price, it is like the old saying says, you get what you pay for. Jasper® is quality software that is designed to cater to many styles of business and marketing. Software like this is not always cheap but when you see what you get from the software and the support that comes with it, you will understand why it costs what it costs and realise it is more than well worth the money.

Jasper® Support

Personally speaking, I demand a fast response when it comes to issues with software. Why? Because delays in answering software questions only delay any projects waiting for copy. Jasper® does have great AI assistance but it can take a day or two before you receive a response.

Jasper® has been known to have repetition issues but like any software, there is always some form of ironing that needs to be done. The team at Jasper® claims much of this has now been diminished so the only thing limiting Jasper® will probably be the data it gets trained on

 Pros And Cons Of Investing In Jasper®

  1. Has To Be One Of The Best Copy Writing Tools Currently On The Market For Increasing Sales And Minimising Costs
  2. Ready to Use Templates. 66 Templates Ready To Go.
  3. 10000 Word Free Trial Period
  4. Pricing to Suit Every Budget
  5. Practically 100% Original Content
  6. Professional Software for Long style Content such as Blogs.
  7. You Can Integrate Surfer SEO With Jasper®
  8. You Can Add Grammarly With The Boss Plan
  9. Not Bad Support With FB members totaling over 30K members
  10. Educational Bootcamp to Help You Get The Best Out Of Jasper®

Jasper® Cons

  1. Like All Software, It can  Screw Up Sometimes And Repeat Information So You Must Check For This And Correct It.
  2. Content Can Sometimes be Incorrect on facts. Again, You Must Go Over All Newly Generated Content. That is with all AI content generation software, not just Jasper AI.
  3. Limited Text Book Knowledge
  4. You Must Pay Extra For Plagiarism Detection
  5. Can Be Costly For Beginners To Get Started With.
  6. Only For Desktops. Not Mobile Usable But Really, Who Wants To Do This Mobile?


What Other AI Options Are There Next To Jasper?

As usual, there is always someone else out there that sticks in your gizzard when it comes to competition, and in the case of Jasper, there a couple.

These Are :

WriteSonic :This software is supposed to be driven by billions of data sets. Thinking of this, you would think it puts Jasper® to some disadvantage but Jasper® on its own has more than enough to get the job done plenty. The only other issue may be that you have to carry out factual checks with Jasper® and with most software anyway.  Even the best AI for content writing still needs a going-over to ensure accuracy.

Copy AI : We have actually written a Copy AI review as well. Copy AI has some awesome benefits to it as well. Jasper® and Copy AI are close in similarities but they vary in performance  with long copy but either way, they are both some of the best AI software for content creation

HyperWrite : I have not had a great deal to do with HyperWrite but from I can gauge from this software is that it is not the easiest software to navigate with when it comes to setting it up with what you need to carry out. It’s UI/UX is somewhat rather time-consuming and I personally do not have time to waste learning complicated software.

CopySmith : This software is another option to look at if you are searching for AI software for E-Commerce style sites like WooCommerce or Shopify. Jasper® is more for the writer or marketer in mind.

Jasper® AI pricing and plans

Jasper® AI offers a range of pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets. The platform’s pricing is based on the number of users and the level of features and capabilities required. Businesses can choose from monthly or annual subscription plans, depending on their needs.

So How Much Does It Cost To Use Jasper® AI For Content Marketing?

It took some time to do this review on some of the best AI for content generation that money can buy but now we are up at the money end of what some of the best AI for content creation can cost.

If you have read this far…..and this is far…then you may have an interest in the software. I know I use Jasper AI for my own gains, and why not, it saves me loads of time.

As far as cost goes, this is software that really is meant for professionals who take their work seriously and have targets they need to meet every week.

Having said this, it still can be used for the little guy in mind but it is limited. Still, even the cheapest plan at 49 dollars per month will get you something rather than nothing. You can try Jasper® free for 7 days but you will eventually have to take a plan to continue using it for scalable marketing purposes. If you want the best content AI tools, you sometimes have to pay for it


Below Are The Three AI Monthly Plans In Mind You Will Choose From :

Jasper® Creator Plan :

Who Is This For ?

This is for the starter, beginner in marketing or entrepreneur looking to get started in the world of marketing and needs AI to get the ball Rolling

$49 Dollars Per Month Billed Monthly

Everything In The Trial Plan Plus

  1. Unlimited* words generated by AI
  2. You Get Up 1 Seat
  3. You Get Up To 50 Templates
  4. You Get Upto 1 Brand Voice
  5. You Get Up To 50 Memories
  6. You Get One Campaign

Check Out The Main Trial Page Here If You Need To

Marketing Team Subscription

Who Is This For ?

This is meant for any small business with a marketing department or small marketing team for generating or regenerating content for their client’s campaigns

$125 Per Month Billed Monthly

  1. You Get Unlimited AI Content Generation
  2. You Get Three Seats. Each Additional Seat Is $62/Month When Billed Monthly.
  3. You Get All Documents And Work Flow
  4. You Get Three Brand Voices
  5. You Get 150 Memories
  6. And You Get Ten Campaigns

Curious For A Trial ? Start Here.


The Ultimate Jasper® AI Business Plan

Who Is This For ?

Well, it is obvious. This for organisations that require maximum efficiency for scalable AI content creation. This is a technical and customisable level that helps align marketing teams for the best AI content generation money can buy.

Custom Pricing Only :

  1. You Get Unlimited Words
  2. For teams who need 10+ seats with SSO
  3. Trusted by 100,000+ innovative companies worldwide
  4. You Get an Unlimited number of Brand Voices
  5. You Get Unlimited memories
  6. You Get Unlimited Campaigns plus custom templates and workflows


Overall Personal Opinion Of Jasper® AI

I have been using Jasper® AI for a while now and have generated tonnes of AI content over this time. I still have to go over the content for accuracy and I do recommend that no matter what AI you use, it still does require some human intervention to ensure accuracy and that you should go over all your work.

Jasper® AI though is a fantastic AI content generation tool for many different niches that have their own in-house marketing teams and departments and investing in this tool will deliver tenfold.

Having said this, always remember, this is not a replacement for human copywriters altogether. You will still need a human editor to ensure copy meets all criteria required. AI software just does one thing really easy, it overcomes writer’s block and gets the ball rolling

Always remember that if for some reason you are not happy with Jasper AI, you can always get a refund but I find it hard-pressed that anyone that uses this software will ever be disappointed.

How To Get Started With Jasper® AI

It’s simple to get started with Jasper® AI. On the platform’s website, businesses can join up for a free trial and immediately begin testing its features and functionalities. Once the decision has been made to use the platform, it may select a price option and begin efficiently producing and disseminating high-quality content.

Check It Here Free For 7 Days

Conclusion: Is Jasper® AI The Right Tool For Your Business?

PK SEO Director
I am the Director of PK SEO and I love to write about AI and other emerging technological advances in SEO or online market ling that directly impact how everyone conducts business online. Hope you have enjoyed this post

If you’re looking for a powerful, AI-powered marketing platform that can help you create and distribute high-quality content more efficiently and engage with your customers more effectively, Jasper® AI is definitely worth considering.

With its advanced analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities, the platform is quickly becoming a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

So, why not sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself what makes Jasper® AI the tool of choice for businesses looking to take their marketing game to the next level.

If this is the software you have been looking to implement into your business marketing model, you can sign up for free for 7 days here and see for yourself if it meets your business needs.

Happy Hunting guys and thank you for reading.

Author: Peter Karpouzas

PK SEO has been providing search engine optimisation services as SEO consultants for approximately eighteen plus years for small and corporate businesses in Sydney Australia and is located in Campbelltown Sydney NSW 2560. Should you have any questions regarding our SEO consulting, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0418118998 or email us at peter@pkseoservices.com

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