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Is Organic search engine optimisation Dead ?

If you happen to own a business these days that is online from a digital marketing perspective, ( and whose isn't these days ) you may have heard many other businesses stipulating or making tall statements that search engine optimisation is dead. Being involved in SEO services one lifetime, we see how the web changes and let me just add, SEO is FAR from dead. It is just more complicated for anyone wishing to venture into it at this period or later as it is constantly evolving. For the veterans, ist is no real concern. We just adjust with all the new algorithms but SEO is very much alive and kicking. Internet marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, it couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, Google is always changing the face of its search engine and somehow always, those magic organic search results always seem to be getting pushed further and further down the page.

With so many other features of being visible first at the top of the page like maps, image snippet galleries, Adwords ads, it seems to be that most people will be clicking ads or on the maps features. So what do You do ? What Is Better ? Ads or organic SEO

Benefits Of PPC

PPC advertising I have to admit is very scalable and can be done ..." INSTANTLY "... If you have a business that has just gone online and you have no exposure, by paying for ads, you can be visible TODAY !! One other feature is that you can target the preferred geographic regions of your choice instantly. So basically, if you live in Sydney, you can target ads just for Sydney. It doesn't have to be broad like organic SEO can go which is a much more complicated target to overcome over a long period of time.

The best thing about PPC advertising is that you don't need a highly optimised website or home page like you do with organic SEO. All you need is a landing page that sends buyers directly to your buy page and that's pretty much it, unlike a full-on informative organic page that is well-tuned with over 1500 words on the page. It is instant on advertising. As long as you pay your budget for the day, your ad stays live.

Benefits Of Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Organic SEO, although much slower to get going has far better benefits for long term goals. For one, your placement on the serps doesn't disappear when you no longer pay any money. The only time you pay anything is when you have to pay an SEO specialist to get you on page 1 of Google and in many cases, this still isn't free. Staying on page one still requires funds to maintain existing SEO

In fact, organic search engine optimisation is free as long as you are doing it yourself.

The greatest thing is that you can stop doing SEO and your page does not disappear. It stays there. It's basically free as long as you do it yourself at your own cost and you do not require an SEO Service. That way, you control any expenses. The biggest benefit is that the majority of traffic always goes to organic search over a paid search. PPC only gets about 10% of traffic and organic gets anything up to 70% of traffic. These are huge numbers for organic traffic.

Why is this ? The problem with PPC advertising is that it doesn't take any hard work to get on page 1 of Google or search engines. It is therefore untrusted. There is very little effort required to obtain page one of Google so ads are not trusted.

Organic placement, however, because search engines make no money from it, require hard work on delivering targeted results to the end user and sites must be trusted ( especially where health or money is involved ) or they don't take place on page 1 of search engines that easy at all.

Only the most trusted sites and sites that deliver rich informative content usually ever take page 1, and this is why the majority of traffic always goes to organic search. At PK SEO our Sydney SEO Services know how to build trust and page 1 placement

So Which Business Marketing Do You Use ?

Well, put simply, if you have just started an online business, you really need traffic fast and as much as you can get quickly to help your business survive. With PPC, that arena of advertising is instant.

However, how your landing page or home page is structured will make a difference as to whether or not that phone rings. Organic SEO is much slower and much broader targeted and takes much longer to implement, and you really can not control where your inquiries come from as easy as PPC advertising. This however depends on the business industry you are involved in, as well. If you sell products online, this can be anywhere, it wouldn't matter.

If you have a business that provides say, a detailing service in Sydney, then getting calls from outside of Sydney are not to your advantage. The other problem with organic SEO is that algorithms can get you penalised.

This is why it's always important to carry out SEO for your site to the letter. It's not common to be penalised with PPC. Although it happens, it's very rare because search engines are being paid. Their user experience rules seem to go out the window with PPC. With Organic SEO however, they are not being paid and could not care less, if a new algorithm was to impact your rankings.

So Which Form Of Advertising Do You Leverage ?

Both of course. Especially if you are starting. The idea is that, if you have just started a new website on the web, you are going to need traffic as fast as you can get it. You don't have three months to wait.

This does not mean though when you commence PPC, that you disregard organic. Organic gets most of the search volume. While you are getting traffic from PPC, it is strongly advised that you also focus on organic search engine optimisation.

Organic SEO is long term, always has been. It can not be instantly switched off and you grow within the internet community, your site builds trust and strength as your business grows within the online community. You should know that if you are getting good enough traffic from PPC, then unequivocally, you will see tons more from organic advertising on search engines and there are enough organic local SEO services that know how to do this. If you are in Sydney. we are the go-to SEO Sydney Expert that can help get your online exposure thriving, so give us a call on 0418118998 and see where it is that we can take your business.

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