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Best Organic Law Firm SEO Services For Criminal, Family, And Commercial Law Firms In Sydney

Dominate Page 1 Starting Today - Book More Clients For Your Law Firm While Establishing Your Brand Online

Looking for the best SEO specialist for lawyers in Sydney or Australia ? If you want to be able to get more traffic to a law firm site and more calls from potential clients, then you need to be found on page one of Google to book more clients for your law practice. Planning the right online visibility structure for your law firm is vital for your survival.

SEO Expert For Legal Professionals That Delivers Page 1 Rankings

PK SEO services specialise in competitive SEO including SEO for legal professionals. Whether you are a drink driving lawyer or criminal solicitor, we can cater to getting you on page one with a tailor made Law firm online marketing plan with Legal keywords optimisation that gets the calls, not just increase traffic. You need complete website optimisation involving on page SEO and off page SEO for this to happen. Searching for the best SEO company for law firms doesn't always cut it either. That is just a ranking term that is manipulated by SEO experts alike for any business to rank on Google

Law Firm SEO

Hire Professional Lawfirm SEO Experts For Top Search Engine Rankings

By using the right SEO strategy, rankings can increase dramatically thus positioning your law firm in position one.

70% of traffic goes to the organics, the remainder falls into maps and online paid ads or Adwords.

Position 1 alone can fetch anything around the 40% of searches online so having the right law firm SEO to position your services in the top three is crucial.

Our lawyer SEO services are designed to do just that. By finding the crucial keywords your clients use to find your services, we can topically SEO your online services to be the solution to your clients problems

Why be assigned to a rep with a standard plan when you can have one the best Law firm SEO services dedicated to your needs and also direct contact with your Legal SEO specialist first hand.

Here at PK SEO, our intention is only one, and that is to simply position your law firm on page one of Google with careful online marketing  and simply drive more traffic to your business.

Whether you are a divorce lawyer, property lawyer, or criminal lawyer, as a local SEO Provider, we'll SEO your website to the letter and put your business on page one of Google.

Is Your Website Not Generating Enquiries Or Traffic ?

Although you may very well have a website online offering legal services does not mean it will generate traffic. This is not a... " if you build it they will come "...principle. For a website to grow in search rankings, it must grow authority. This comes down to three most important factors. E.A.T. Experience authority and trust. When you have establshed these factors into your SEO strategy, you will begin to see traffic. Until this is achieved, it will remain 0 traffic.

Looking For A Lawyer SEO Consultant In Sydney Or Anywhere In Australia ?

We are not an SEO company but a dedicated lawyer SEO consultant that deals directly with you. Specialist SEO experts with 23 years of experience can help you achieve page one positioning by careful targeting of your keywords, your on page SEO, off page SEO, and to establish what it is exactly that your competitors are currently ranking for through highly advanced techniques of tracking competitor sites.

Legal marketing agencies will assign you a project manager who will oversee and track your growth. This does not necessarily mean they carry out all the SEO work.

Law firm digital marketing companies and most of them treat their clients like numbers in a system and because they provide very cheap SEO packages for businesses that are renowned with legal SEO agencies, they often do not invest manpower but software power or even worse, outsource your work to Indian-based SEO services.

Not good for long term results. Why have this when you can have your own Sydney SEO consultant who carries out the work themselves? Our entire client base is Adwords and Ex SEO company clients.

How Long Have We Been Practising SEO ?

We know SEO and what is needed to rank sites on page one of Google, regardless of the industry. We are one of the best SEO in Sydney that compete against some of the best SEO companies in Australia. We rank sites in some of the most competitive industries on the internet. Dating websites, call centres, weight loss, health and online education product sales just to name a few.

Will ranking Your Law Firm Be Difficult ?

No, it won't. Ranking a law firm on the top page is not difficult. It takes a consistent skill set and time. Ranking on page one of Google in the organics takes time in any industry, not just legal.  How fast your site ranks is a matter of the level of your competition, how long they've been on the web, their SEO efforts and quality of SEO, and their investment input into their SEO. Internet marketing involves many different avenues of online exposure. SEO is not the only avenue but natural organic SEO can yield huge volumes of traffic when target correctly plus trust and exposure of brand. If you want to be found, you must be on page one of Google.

How Do We Get Traffic To Your Law Firm ?

SEO For Law Firms

As Sydney SEO experts, we generate traffic to your business through careful online marketing practices. This very much involves on page SEO  with carefully targeted off page SEO.

It is a consistent strategy involving social media signals that will get your business on page one of Google and get your phone ringing with enquiries.

Your brand must stay consistent with social signals, off site SEO and ongoing on site SEO in order to establish trust with Google and potential clients as your business is gradually exposed to thousands of potential clients on the web.

Organic SEO is about long term winning and our carefully planned SEO strategies for law firms are designed to do just that, to get your website to to page 1 of Google and increase traffic to your website.

These Are Just Some Steps Of How Our Law Firm SEO Experts Get Traffic To To Your Site

On Page SEO

  • Onsite Analyses
  • Meta Tags
  • Content Structure
  • Titles
  • Headers
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Content Length
  • UI And UX Structure

Off Page SEO

  • Increasing Inbound Link Count
  • High authority Inbound Links
  • Social media Signals
  • Local Citations
  • Map Listings
  • Local SEO city targeting as a Whole

So What Law Firms Do We Provide SEO For ?

  • Family Lawyers Sydney
  • Criminal Law Firms
  • Criminal Lawyers Sydney
  • Law Firms Melbourne
  • Law Firms In Perth
  • Criminal Lawyers Melbourne
  • Family Solicitors In Newcastle
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Business Lawyers
  • Property Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers Eastern Suburbs
  • Drug Trafficking Lawyers and Barristers
  • Manslaughter Representation Lawyers
  • Divorce solicitors
  • Drink driving layers
  • Traffic lawyers and Solicitors

Bespoke SEO Solutions For Lawyers To Target Your Market Audience

Target The Right Keywords

" Keywords " are the secret to your conversions. Target the wrong keywords, and your law firm will not receive enquiries. You can waste two years climbing to the top of Google chasing keywords like " Lawyer Sydney " which receives 2900 hits per month and you will spend a fortune doing this only to find that once you are at the top, your phone is not receiving enquiries.

Why? because keywords like this are only searched on by marketing companies and your competitors, not a woman who has been physically assaulted by her husband and needs legal help and more than likely will  type into Google..." lawyers for domestic abuse " or " leagl aid service for domestic violence "

Keywords will make or break your SEO campaign and having an SEO expert of 20 plus years will make all the difference when you need targeted SEO for a law firm that has specific needs and caters to a specific market.

Law Firm SEO Keywords

A keyword rich website targeting your market from a topical perspective is where your law firm needs to be. This ultimately assists in ranking for a multitude of keywords in the long term and eventually achieves high rankings for many keywords as opposed to only a few. All law firms in Sydney or even around Australia are all trying for the top page, but he who thinks outside the circle wins. Skill set and consistency win hands down all the time every time.

User Experience

What is the user experience?

All the user experience comes down to is did the user who found your site find easily enough what they are searching for in under three clicks. The three click rule matters. It is the difference between winning and losing.

  1. Did they spend time on your site looking at what your services have to offer ?
  2. Was it a pleasing experience for them?
  3. How did your services help them ?
  4. Was your site easy enough to navigate?
  5. Did the find what they were searching for and call you?

All this is crucial to your conversions. Getting to your site is one thing, converting the user to a buyer is another. This also plays a crucial role in your rankings. If people searching for a solution to a problem find your site and bounce off immediately, this tells Google that your website was not a good fit for their needs. This over time reduces rankings.

When you deal with PK SEO, we know what structure your site needs to deliver on the user experience so that anyone who locates your services finds what they are looking for in under three clicks. Site structure for navigation is crucial to conversions.


Generating More Enquiries Means Generating More Revenue

With an SEO solution strategy tailored to your specific requirements, you can and wqill enjoy higher rankings which in turn equate to more enquiries and revenue for your law firm. Investing in quality SEO only leads to quality SEO results and thus more sales for your legal services. Although the rules for SEO are pretty much the same, no two businesses have the same SEO campaign running at one time. This is why your SEO strategy will cater to your needs alone.


With twenty-plus years having been moulded into the SEO industry and having commenced from as early as the turn of the century, as an SEO professional, I have seen much in the way of Google algorithms come and go. From rises to total crashes, forums being flooded withj disaster stories of businesses having gone broke over night and success stories overnight from once were in the pits website to now page 1. We have seen it all and know all too well what is accepted by Google and how this directly correlates with your rankings.

As SEO experts, we know what it takes to :

  1. Structure Your Site
  2. Correct All Or Most Important Errors
  3. Improve The User Experience
  4. Improve On Your Off Page SEO For Those All Important Signals
  5. And Spread Your Brand With social media Signals That Tell Google Everybody Loves Your Brand
  6. And Last But Not Least, Get Your Phone Ringing.

All this effort which grows over time eventually becomes a snowball effect which is the difference between your legal service keeping up in your industry or falling behind. You can trust in PK SEO to  mnake this hgappen and change the direction for your legal service by connecting your brand with your target audience.

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Why Do Law Firms Need Marketing?

Marketing is the main channel to making it possible for your services or brand to communicate with your target audience thus delivering your message to would-be clients who are in need of legal assistance. SEO which helps in increased rankings also makes it possible for your brand to stand above and beyond your competition. Together with a focused marketing and SEO plan, this makes you a formidable opponent in your field.


How Do You Create A Marketing Strategy For A Law Firm?

  1. First And Foremost is to identify your business targets or goals
  2. Identify who really is your target audience
  3. Centre your marketing and SEO around your target audience and legal service as a whole
  4. Create Your message to your audience that introduces your brand as the solutions provider.
  5. Establish the necessary budget that is required to compete and surpass your competitors.
  6. Follow through with the planned strategy until your goals are reached.


What Kinds Of Advertising Do Lawyers Most Commonly Use?

Most law firms usually follow PPC marketing initially as this allows for instant exposure aty the press of a button. The intelligent way to market a law firm online is to have a balance of PPC and consitent growth in organic SEO. Organic SEO however in time will far surpass PPC sales as organic SEO far outweighs PPC in scale and growth of keyword search and branding


Why Is Law Firm SEO Important?

SEO is the catalyst that will propel any legal firm to page 1 of search engines. There is no denying that search engine optimisation can open a flood gate of traffic that will connect your brand directly with your clients and leave your competitors standing in your wake.