Website Not Ranking Anymore ? Some Tips On How To Restore Google Rankings

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Is Your Website not ranking On Google anymore ?  Don’t Know How To Fix It ?


If your website is not ranking on Google anymore, it would probably have a lot to with some of their latest Google algorithm updates. This is just a post on what the go is these days and why your website is not showing on Google search.


Why Does Google Update Their Algorithms ?


Website Not Ranking Google has a load of updates that take place through the year which they do all the time as they continue to improve the user experience.

All SEO services and businesses that are online must adapt to these ever updating algorithms if websites are to stay on top of page one of Google or search engines in general.

These updates are primarily done to improve the user experience and to weed out spammers who repeatedly manipulate the system. Google perceives this as a must do and rightfully so. If Google can't provide accurate results, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine will, and they can't have that. SO... Where does this leave you on the serps ?

Well, if your site is not delivering on the user experience, then somebody else's site that is, will, and Google will move them above you. It's as simple as that. This applies to all levels of search on the web, whether it is broad or local SEO with business mapping.  Local SEO services, however. are somewhat a little easier but when it comes to corporate or enterprise SEO, the cards are stacked against you if you are not delivering on the current algorithms.

You see, the three factors that apply to SEO that were required are still required. That hasn't changed. That is on-page SEO, off-page SEO and some social media signals. How do we know this? Simple, It's what we do to rank sites all day long every day. This still hasn’t changed. Having said this, it involves a lot just to exercise these three facets of SEO.

If your website is not ranking on Google, you can bet your bottom dollar your site more than likely requires attention in some way shape or form when it comes to search engine optimisation.  The first thing you should always check is your website. Does your website comply with the user experience? After all, a good user experience website delivers what a potential client is looking for very quickly, information, or product with minimal fuss.


What is The User Experience And What On-Page SEO Do I Need?


SEO Consultants SydneyUser experience basically comes down to user engagement with your site. How easy is it to navigate around your site? An SEO service that is up to date with algorithms and updates will be familiar with this. It all comes down to the three click rule.

Can users find what they are looking for with min fuss? Is their visit a pleasant one? Have they spent time engaging with your content? Your website must deliver results to your user as quickly as possible from the very minute they land on your site.

Your site, whether you like it or not, has to deliver results in under three clicks, that’s right guys, three clicks. From the minute your potential customer lands on your site, you have to satisfy his or her requirements in under three clicks. If you don’t, they hit the back button and disappear. If this happens under a certain time frame, it is seen as a bounce.

This is where the algorithm “ Rank brain “..will rank your site according to two factors, Dwell time ( Time spent on site ) and CTR ( Click through rate )…If you hit the mark in this area, you will go up. If you don’t, well, you go down. That’s only one factor of SEO. On top of this, the worse thing you can do is target the wrong keywords, rank for those keywords and get the wrong audience which will result in the back button being hit all the time.

Remember the three-click rule, it is important. Get your user to find what he or she wants in under three clicks. This obviously has a lot to do with your web design. Place your most important services for which you are carrying out your keyword targeting for in the most noticeable area on your site….ABOVE THE FOLD… but make sure it does not interfere with the rest of your web design.

A video perhaps explaining something about your business or a special offer that keeps them interacting with your site can go a long way when it comes to the user experience which will also boost your site further up the ranks.  This is all part of SEO and what we do in our web design services as providing SEO  to our clients. This will in turn ensure your user finds what they are looking for quickly and can proceed to that page instantly and from there, immediately to the checkout. This is only one factor of on-page SEO but the most important one. You still need content that provides value to your users but keeping your user on your site as long as possible and getting them to check out is the end goal

What Off-Page SEO Is Required


Off-page SEO more or less comes down to incoming links. The more of these incoming links you have, the more important and valued your site is viewed by Google and again, you rank higher. Of course, though, links have to come from high authority sources, not just from anywhere, not just guest posting blogs either. There are forums, article posts, social media platforms that you can obtain links by writing invaluable posts as well.

You need to remember, the higher the value of DA and TF and  CF from the site that you are attempting to source a link from, the easier you are going to rank. This will in turn boost your DA for your own site as time goes which add even more credibility to your site

Some Ways You Can Get Links


  • Always write informative posts and keep it steady and growing
  • Link to other blogs from your blog
  • Write valuable guest posts and request links from similar sites but not competing sites
  • Publishing lists can help as well
  • Have you tried round-ups which can help build relationships which in turn can help obtain links as well?
  • Do some surveys
  • Write some reviews. Many people do this to obtain links
  • Write some press releases
  • Join related forums and write compelling and engaging posts
  • These are just some ways to obtain links
  • Look for a site with broken links that can place your link in place
  • Write some articles and post on article directories

Off Page SEO ServicesThese are just some way that you can get links. The more diverse your links are, and the higher the authority, the easier you are going to rank.

You can have hundreds of links, even thousands, but if they are spammy, low value or have absolutely no value, this can in fact hurt your rankings instead and send your site downwards instead of up.

Now when it comes to links, you must know that if it is perceived by Google that you are obtaining links in a way that manipulates the system or Google suspects that you are building links more so for ranking purposes, then it is deemed that you are spamming the system. Even with guest blogging. Guest blogging can bring great link value from high authority sites, and these are one of the most favoured ways to get links these days but again, if you know and do this for the purposes of obtaining do-follow links, then you are considered a bad boy by Google.


So What Does Google Want For A Website With Off-Page SEO?


Google just wants to see natural links coming to your site from high authority sources that are not done purely for manipulating the system or building links. Do this and you’re ok. Having said this, it is easier said than done. Most web owners do this purely for links, but also do it in a way that looks natural yet provides value to the end-user.

How Long Can It Take To Rank Organically?


It can take weeks to months to rank organically but having said this, it also depends on what niche your business is involved in, how many competing pages, the authority of those pages and age among other factors. This is a slow and tedious process but is what you need to rank organically in the long run and become the dominant figure in your niche.


Social Media links And Rankings


Social media is still a hit and miss for many businesses these days still but more and more are waking up to opportunities of advertising through FB ads, Instagram, Twitter and so on, This however is purely for sales. Most businesses however don’t know the potential of social media and website rankings.


How Does Social Media Influence Website Rankings?


Website Not Showing On Google Google rankings are affected and cause a spike up in rankings when your domain is seen to be shared by many different social media platforms. Although this may not achieve sales, it does achieve exposure to how many different social media accounts. This tells Google your site is getting around and spreading. This helps boost rankings as you domain is seen to be favoured by how many different people and platforms and very much well-liked.

Having said this, it is not the most important SEO factor. On-page SEO involving the user experience with on-page factors and incoming links from high authority sources still rules. This will remain to be the most important factors of SEO for some time yet, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. As long as your site has valuable content, delivers the user to what they are looking for in under three clicks, and you have high authority links coming together with some social media signals happening, then it is impossible your won’t rank.


Can My Existing Website Rankings Be Fixed Or Restored?

From the update Google announced in August 2018 which was called the medic update, it is said by Google that sites that were hit, could not be brought back to page 1 rankings. This is apparently done so to give sites that weren’t ranking and were following the new guidelines already a chance to rank on page 1 of their search engine. We have a post on recovering from The Google Medic Update which explains why some sites got hit with their rankings and if you can recover from it. Although Google has stated that it is not possible to recover from the Medic update, that’s not to say you can’t try.

In my opinion, I would do whatever it takes to improve on the user experience, grow the site with valuable content, and if that didn’t work, ( provided your off page SEO is OK ) only then would I consider relaunching on a new domain if my website is not ranking on Google search after how many on-page SEO adjustments. Hope you enjoyed the post and happy adjustments. If you have any questions, please call us at our Sydney SEO Service on 0418118998


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