What Is An SEO Strategy

So What Is An SEO Strategy ?

Organic SEO today is very much rocket science and before you commence with any SEO, an SEO strategy will be in order. An SEO strategy is basically a well structured and thought out  process that involves encompassing on delivering what a search engine user is looking for in terms of a search query and delivering the most related answer to a keyword search term by that search engine user. This closely relates to what is search engine optimisation , basically. Simply put, you SEO strategy should not encompass targeting keywords alone. This SEO strategy for 2020 is basically the road to failure.

Best Typical SEO Strategy For 2021

Structure A List Of Topics That Relate To Your Business

When it comes to your own business, you need to ascertain what it really is your business sells in terms of products or services. There are very many related subjects that correlate together with what your business would either provide in when it comes to products or services.

For instance, if you have a tyre business in Sydney, targeting tyre services Sydney would not be the ideal method. Might have been 20 years ago, but not today. If you sell tyres, targeting something like the brand and the size of the tyre while structuring a page for that particular tyre would be more ideal. Brand or service or a specific type of product or service is really what you should be structuring your website around and providing a solution to a problem

Research As Many Possible Keywords Related To These Topics For Your business.

Because Google is no longer a search engine based on keywords but rather topical in  nature and very much a question and answer search engine,it therefore requires that you research as many topical or what is known as synonym keywords that are related to your business. This is all part of search marketing and any good SEO consultants with 2021 algorithms in mind will understand this

Again, this is where you structure new pages based around those keywords while incorporating all relating synonyms that are related to the topic in question.

For instance, if you were a business selling tennis shoes, you would not be targeting tennis shoes. This would just be suicide for ranking purposes as there is no intent with the phrase tennis shoes, even though your business sells tennis shoes. Any up to date SEO  firms would understand this SEO structure. At our Sydney SEO Services, we are in the know with some of the worlds best SEP Specialists 24/7 when it comes to a dependable SEO Service

Dedicated pages around keywords targeting keywords such as tennis shoes for rebound surface courts, or Nike tennis shoes for grass courts, or best tennis shoes for competition or tennis shoes for men would be more ideal and would get the phone ringing


  • Build Dedicated Pages Targeting These Very Same Keywords
  • Do This Preferably By Blogging On Your Site Through Posts
  • Write A Post Or Blog Every Week As You Slowly Build On Your Keywords. This Will Build Page Authority
  • Create Your Link Building Plan And Which Partners Will Best Suit Linking To You. This Is Your Off Page SEO structure
  • Ensure Your Site Loads In Under Three Seconds On Laptop Or Mobile By compressing All Images
  • Stay On Top Of SEO Topics, Changing Trends And Post Consistently
  • This is the best possible SEO strategy plan that you can put in place today to rank specifically on Google as well as other search engines.
  • Most business online today or attempting to get online would be very aware of this, but many are also not aware of this either and still can not grasp the concept of the current algorithm either, and will simply fail.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page within all  search engines that are online. This doesn't equate to just Google but all search engines. SEO encompasses only organic or unpaid search engine traffic (known as "natural" rankings or "organic" results, or SERPS ) rather than  paid traffic which comes from sponsored ads.

What Is An SEO Specialist ?

It is the job of an SEO specialist to review and Analyze specific parameters to do with ranking websites by analyzing and implementing on site and off site changes that relate to best delivering on current search engine algorithms which are design to best suit the user experience.

To understand this is as easy as possible, it is the job of an SEO specialist to rank your website as high as possible on search engines. Preferably in the top three positions.

An SEO specialist of 2020 will also understand that to rank a website in 2020 and in particular for the current algorithm, all sites being SEO'D must be done with a topical structure. Gone are the days for keyword targeting.

There is usually very many tested practices that also take place to see if it either improves rankings or doesn't improve rankings. Either way, hiring the right SEO specialist can have many benefits to increasing your online exposure.

If you can't do this yourself, then there are plenty of SEO'S in Sydney that can help do this for you. Considering the complexity of search engine algorithms today, it sometimes may be best left to SEO specialists


What Is Organic SEO ?

PPC AdsOrganic SEO is basically unpaid traffic These are always associated With the larger ads you would normally find under  Google Maps and sometimes above otherwise known as organic results or SERPS.The image to the left here with the green arrow, points to organic results. The red arrow dictates paid advertising

Unpaid traffic may originate from different kinds of searches, including image search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. This has a lot to do with link building ( off page SEO ) which aids greatly in improved  rankings and on site SEO which is to do with website elements and structure for improved rankings.

This is basic SEO. What you may as well say under basic understanding, to tune a website through on site and off site search engine optimisation to help it better perform for search queries online.

OK, so you have a business which is online and you are looking to either better your exposure and get high on the serps, or you are actually nowhere to be found and will be needing to either do this yourself, or possibly hire an SEO expert to do this for you.

Well, if you are going to do this yourself, we can gladly state, that your SEO strategy should not focus purely on keywords alone.

In todays SEO climate, Google is very much swinging in favour of becoming a search engine that very much answers queries. If you are not part of that equation, it will be difficult to rank, based on your niche, of course. there are plenty of SEO Courses online that you can choose from which could help you understand SEO if you want to do this yourself.

There are basically thee factors that need to be taken into account. On page SEO, off page SEO and social media signals which also have  somewhat an impact on rankings, but are not solely responsible for rankings. Get these right, and you rank, even though there is a lot more to it than than That

Below are some courses that you could look at for SEO Training yourself :


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How Has SEO Changed Over The Years ?

Google is no longer so much a keyword driven search driven engine but rather a search engine that prefers to answer queries for their users as best and quickly as possible with least hindrance. Preferably in under three clicks when it comes to the user experience.SEO Over the last decade has changed immensely when it comes to search, especially Google. Who ever best answers these queries by Google users, all in all gets the most traffic.

Hire An Independent SEO Consultant Or Freelancer

Looking to hire an SEO consultant ? An SEO Freelancer is sometimes the best approach rather than an SEO agency.

If you can not adapt to these changing algorithms with Google or other search engines, you may need to just hire an SEO expert. SEO today is not what it use to be and in most cases is sometimes viewed as rocket science. A far cry from the last two decades with who ever had the most links would just rank.

Google is now a topical related search engine. No longer keyword based. Any business that asks to rank for keyword is already on the losing track. Who ever best answers a search query with the most relevant answer basically wins. This doesn't of course apply to all niches, but to most.

If you can structure your website so that it delivers on this algorithm, then you will most certainly be on the winning team.

If on the other hand you would like to have someone do all the hard work for you, then what you need is an SEO expert. If you would like some assistance in SEO and are looking for an SEO Expert in Sydney, then call us on 0418118998 for further info



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