What Most Don’t Know About Search Engine Algorithms

Google Algorithm Updates

Anybody who does SEO just to get to page 1 of search engines will undoubtedly know what a Google algorithm update is. It use to be that just a few years back it would only be a few updates every few years. These days however, for purposes of forever being in relentless pursuit on improving the user experience, Google now has updates practically every day. Maybe not major ones but every day none the less.

How Many Updates Take Place Today ?

Just in 2018 alone Google carried out a staggering 3200 plus updates. That is on average about 9 or so updates daily. Can you believe that ? Daily up to 9 updates. This is actually more than 8 times the updates Google carried out back in 2008. So that should tell us that they are doing all they can to improve the user experience and make it harder and harder for organic SEO rankings that are not up to scratch or are designed to manipulate the positioning of websites through poor SEO

However, having said this, there is no reason to panic. The majority of these updates are minor but, under our daily monitoring of websites on page 1 of Google, web sites always seem to be moving up or down. A lot of sites do not always seem to be staying in the same position all the time which only suggests of these daily algorithm updates.

Major Update Roll Outs

Occasionally though, Google rolls out a major algorithm. These are the title waves that do damage to a lot of websites in most cases that have been carrying out poor SEO. Updates such as Panda and Penguin which are designed to monitor on page and off page SEO can have a significant impact if your SEO is bad. The Medic update which was released in 2018 also caused major damage to millions of sites as E.A.T was now a prerequisite for better rankings.

This is what is now required to rank websites on page one of Google. EAT stands for experience, Authority and Trust. If your site is not portraying these three key elements with the relative information to deliver answers to Google users, expect to not rank so well.

For any SEO service or search marketing experts, however, it is our job to stay on top of things when it comes to SEO. If you feel your rankings are suffering, or your marketing company may not be in touch with the latest algorithms, it may be time for a change. If your site has not improved in the last few months with your current SEO, then it is definitely time for a change.

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